3 Keys to Creating Money Making Relations in your Photo Booth Business

February 22
Tuesday 1:00 PM 1 Hour

By creating the right kinds of connections, you multiply your time, opportunities, impact, and income. The key to unlocking success was creating effective connections.
This presentation will help attendees crack the code to creating connections with customers, clients, partners, influencers, and others who can help you make big things happen in their business.
1. How to use connections to make a bigger impact and income in your photo booth business.
2. The 3 keys to create useful connections.
3. How to unlock the super networker in you.

About Sharone Reid

Sharone Reid is the owner of Focus and Fabulous Events, a Photo Booth Rental Company. She received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the Howard University School Business in 2000. In 2013 Sharone decided to start a Photo Booth Rental Company. Focus and Fabulous Events provides interactive photo booth entertainment to social and corporate events in the Richmond, Virginia and Washington Metro area. Sharone attributes her success to her dynamic networking and relationship building skills. Sharone has been asked to speak several times within the photo booth industry, she did a phenomenal training on “Growing your business through networking” at the 2017 Photo Booth Expo and The Photo Booth Show. Sharone was chosen to service on the Photo Booth Professional International Advisory Board and is a brand ambassador for PicPic Social Software. Sharone is also on the board of directors for the International Live Events Association Virginia Chapter. A member of the Metropolitan Business League. Most recently, Sharone was nominated for the Metropolitan Business League Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

“If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life”. This is the motto that Sharone lives by and therefore she is so happy, driven, and distended for success.

Sharone Reid

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