Creating Next Level 360 Spinner Videos

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February 21
Monday 12:00 PM 1 Hour

In this presentation you will learn how to create extra value for your 360 spinner customers. Martin will show inspiring 360 videos and share tips on how to create them. Martin will also share hands-on experience and common pitfalls when operating a 360 spinner.
How to create a great 360 video
Adding your own style
Common pitfalls operating a 360

About Martin Modderkolk

Since 2018 Martin has led development and deployment in numerous iOS Photo Booth apps. He is the founder of the Touchpix app
. Touchpix quickly catapulted into the leading 360 slow motion spinner app for iOS. The Touchpix team, led by Martin, has introduced multiple innovations that have shaped the 360 movement. He is looking forward to sharing his experience and knowledge.

Martin Modderkolk

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