Do I even need a corporation or an LLC for my business? - SPONSORED BY YOPROPS!

February 21
Monday 6:00 PM 1 Hour

Learn the true differences between a C corporation, an S corporation and an LLC and which one may be best for you and your particular situation. Discover advanced secrets on how to get your business to legally pay for your personal expenses.

When you need a corporation or LLC for your business
The difference between a C corporation , S Corporation and LLC
How the wealthy use corporations and LLCs to build wealth

About Mike Wedaa

A lifelong entrepreneur, Michael has owned, operated and sold dozens of businesses. His consulting firm has worked with thousands of small businesses in both one-on-one and group formats. Michael currently speaks about the benefits of incorporating all over the country. Before the pandemic, he taught a section of an economics course at UCLA on corporations, LLCs and non-profits in addition to providing consulting for the student-created businesses in the course.

Mike Wedaa

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