Master Class - Special Effects: Information & Safety on Cold Spark Machines, Co2 Cannons and More.

February 23
Wednesday 5:00 PM 1 Hour

As the perfect addition to any DJ Gig, Special Effects are a class of their own. Discussion to include but not limited to:
- safety: cold spark machines and Co2 jets knowledge and safe practices
- cold spark machines: pyro or non pyro?
- permitting overview and what to know first
- overview of Cryo & Cold Spark special effects equipment
- basic system design and important info to know
- where to get gas and what’s required when obtaining
- the insiders knowledge from basic usage to professional & touring use
- How to present Cold Spark Machines & Co2 Jets to clients
- Where to access a plethora of info regarding Special Effects- FAQs answered
*subject to change for the best experience
1. Knowledge on basic safety of the special effects presented.
2. Permitting: How, When, Where, Why, and Details on the process.
3. Where to access knowledge and more information on Special Effects presented.
4. How to present Cold Spark machines and Co2 Cannons / Co2 Jets to clients.
5. Managing expectations when dealing with Special Effects.

About Kris Mullins

Kris Mullins, former Navy turned serial entrepreneur and business owner of multiple brands, 4 of which reside within entertainment, spearheads CryoFX® which
specializes in cryogenic systems (Co2 and LN2), including Special Effects with an emphasis on live entertainment, permanent installs, product research and
development, and overall Special Effects design including Cold Spark Machines.
Kris’s Special Effects system install projects include the liking of Houston Astro’s Minutemaid Park, Walt Disney Frozen, and Las Vegas Mega Clubs. Research
and Development Projects inclusive of PPG and the US Government. Custom Products Projects include the names of Sony Action Cam, NHL, Smirnoff and
Captain Morgan to name a few.
Kris, being an enthusiast at heart, a student for life, and resource of knowledge accumulated from almost 2 decades, is now dedicating focus and time towards
educating others on the plethora of knowledge which has taken much dedication, time investment, trial and error to gain.

Kris Mullins

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