360 Tips from the Original Conceptualist/Inventor/Creator of 360’s (Unless someone came up with them prior to the early 1980’s)

February 21
Monday 1:00 PM 1 Hour

In this information presentation the original conceptualist of 360’s will share the history as well as the evolution of 360’s, lighting tips, design information (different shapes, sizes & weights), Pro’s & Cons of Manual versus Motorized and Platform versus Top Spinners, as well as “Cases” Good Idea? Or SKIP IT!
3 Key benefits:
1. Lighting 101 (Basics).
2. Manual versus Motorized & Platform versus Top spinner Pros & Cons.
3. Software versus “RAW”.

About Eddie Barber

With more than 50 years in the Entertainment & Event Industries, Eddie’s work and creations have won numerous awards including multiple Emmys, Oscars, “Pick of Show” at NAB and Gold & Platinum Records plus many others. He has also received numerous Citations (not the kind for parking your car in the wrong place or for speeding, but the kind given for doing something that the City deems a good thing) and Certificates of Appreciation from Cities across the Country for contributions such as being instrumental in getting laws changed to make it Legal to “Work From Home” (as I believe almost every 360 Booth Operator does) as well as helping train members of the LAPD & the LAFD. His creations include the Hand Held Camera Stabilizer, the Emmy Award winning Camera Boom (crane/jib), the Emmy Award
winning EZ Prompter, the SpinCam (360’s), and 24P (allows video to look like film) to mention but a few. He has also won the biggest Contests in the history of MTV for Direct (1 st for a Madonna MV,
then for a Michael Jackson MV), $20K for a “Mannequin Challenge” (that helped raise more than $400K for Charity) and a Brand New Car for a National TV Car Commercial.

Eddie Barber

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