How To Run A Multi-Op Photo Booth Business

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February 24
Monday 1:30 PM 45 Minutes

Multi-Ops is where the money is, and in this presentation at #PBX2020, Ross Aklselrad explains the basics of running a multi-op photo booth business, covering many different issues such as staffing, training, having backup equipment, scheduling, and how to make your business scalable as you start adding more booths.

About Ross Akselrad

Ross has been in the photo booth business for over 20 years and offers many photo novelties to his customers. He has coordinated over 2000 photo booth events and run up to 10 photo novelty events at one time. He has seen and experienced most everything that can happen before, during, and after an event. In this presentation, Ross will share his unique take on the photo booth businesses from many different perspectives. He also owns a DJ and production company and a photography and video company and teaches how you can integrate a photobooth business into your pre-existing businesses as well.

Ross Akselrad

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