How to Close Corporate Clients with Proposals

Corporate Clients Recurring Business
February 24
Monday 12:45 PM 45 Minutes

Corporate bookings are often the Holy Grail of the Photo Booth business. A few solid “Corporates” can really help your bottom line. Where many business owners fail in getting these lucrative bookings is simply the lack of knowledge of how to structure a proposal. Catalina is a pro at this and will be sharing her knowledge and experience at the 2020 Photo Booth Expo.

In this presentation, Catalina will teach you exactly how to close on corporate clients and corporate event planners. We will go over these 3 main points and I will even include a sample proposal that you can download to start sending to your clients. You’ll learn:
• What Corporations and Corporate Event Planners are looking for
• How to structure your message to them
• How to deliver a stellar proposal that will help you close more large events

About Catalina Bloch

Catalina Bloch is one of the Photobooth profession's top mentors. She is the founder of MDRN Photobooth Company. In just 3 years, she grew her company from a single booth in one city to 9 booths in 3 cities. Cat shares her knowledge freely through her photo booth training website, educational videos like “Secrets To Running a 6 Figure Photobooth Business” and weekly with Photobooth Supply Co Social Media.

Catalina Bloch

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