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February 25
Tuesday 2:30 PM 1 Hour

The Selfic, was first introduced at the PBX in 2017 where it caused a great impact by being the first time that a 'portable' ipad photo booth became an option. Their project, based in 3D printing technology was made to secure lightweight, durability and easy transportation.

Over the years, photo booths have evolved from big, heavy items to practical, functional and light devices. With the introduction of the iPad Pro, their high quality on front cameras and the development of new photo booth apps for iPads, their team worked out the idea of transferring those photo booth features typically found on still photo booth units into a roaming product.

Keeping up the technological level in the market, a new handheld with internal LED-light features and modern design will be introduced, as it is the telescoping shaped Selfic Ring Stand created as an easy, light and innovative product where the iPad photo booth may be enclosed to turn it into a still photo booth unit.

Astrid and Frederik, from the Netherlands, are going to show you a variety of products carefully developed in terms of quality, colours, and customisation for each client. They will make a demonstration on how to set up the iPad booth in 1 minute, how and when to use led lights, and what are the main features of photo booth software such as photo frame layouts, uploads to social media and printing options.

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