How to Hire and Inspire… So You Can (eventually) Retire

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February 24
Monday 12:00 PM 45 Minutes

You know you have what it takes to grow your business — so what’s holding you back? There’s a certain level of comfort in running a small “Mom and Pop” Photobooth rental company. To go beyond that level means leaving that comfort zone and taking some serious risks. One of the biggest is when you start hiring and training people to work for you. In a perfect world. everyone you hire will be honest, reliable and hard-working, but everyone who has employees knows that’s pure fantasy.

So, how do build the kind of team that adds value to your operation, so that one day you can enjoy the fruits of your labor? Start by attending Brandon Wong’s seminar “How to Hire and Inspire… So You Can (eventually) Retire at Photo Booth 2020 in Las Vegas. Register now at

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“If your dreams don’t scare you, they might not be big enough.” – Brandon Wong

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